David Allen Ph.D., QME

Dr. David Allen is a principal neuropsychologist at the Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC).  He conducts forensic evaluations of litigants suffering from and/or alleging a wide-range of neuropsychological disorders as consequence of work-related injuries and trauma.

Dr. Allen has a private practice focused on the neuropsychological evaluation of children and adults.  He has expertise in the area of acquired brain damage and neurodevelopmental disorders as well as the areas of mild traumatic brain injury and somatoform disorders.

As a highly qualified expert, Dr. Allen has extensive experience in forensic neuropsychology.  While his primary work has been in the workers’ compensation arena, he also has significant expertise in neuropsychological evaluation in criminal cases, in civil cases and in private insurance cases (IME).  Dr. Allen has served as an expert neuropsychologist for the Los Angeles Superior Court for many years.

Dr. Allen is a graduate of Chicago Professional School of Psychology (formerly California Graduate Institute,) with a doctorate of philosophy in psychology.  His post doctorate was in Neuropsychology at the Fielding Institute.

Dr. Allen’s Curriculum Vitae